Dоg оwnеrs have bеen wаrnеd mоrе thаn thе аrrivаl оf Seaѕоnal Cаnine Illnеss (SCI), аs оnе рartісulаr affесted саsе haѕ been nоtifiеd.

Sandringham Estate is placing up posters warning of the threat and the Animal Health Believe in, which investigates studies of SCI, this week said that walking dogs in any woodland area involving August and November is a potential risk.

Barbara Walshaw contacted the Lynn News because she feared her West Highland terrier could die after he designed vomiting, diarrhoea and panting soon after currently being exercised at Sandringham last Thursday.

His signs or symptoms appear to match those of SCI, which is believed to have caused the death of canines which had been walked at Sandringham and other woods in 2009 and 2010.

Mrs Walshaw said her pet was hospitalised by vets in West Norfolk and South Yorkshire, wherever she lives. He remained incredibly sick right up until Monday evening but then started to recuperate.

- Pet lovers.

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