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  • April 12th 2010 - Pet Care Wiki expansion begins!

Upload pet photos, create a new blog about your favorite animal or pet, or just add some helpful pet information for your fellow animal lovers to browse. :)

Check out the pet gallery, and add your own pics HERE.

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  • Spixmacaw101

    I noticed that there are not Enogh users to protect this wiki. I would want someone to look after this webpage.

    However I am counting on other users to help. Due to a bad experience with another admi…

    Read more >
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Affenpinscher Affenpinscher

Affenpinschers have been referenced since the early 1600s. They were slightly larger then, about 12" to 13", in gray, black, tan, black/tan, gray/tan, and sometimes redish. White boots and white chest were common as well.

These dogs were primarily Ratters or Ratting Terriers and were...


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