Macaws need a very large cage. About48x48x48 inches or more are recommended. You also need to replace toys often. Use strong perches that can stand his beak.


Macaws need a nutritious diet. Pellets, vegtables. Fruits,grains, and occasional lean meats. These birds also need more nuts than other birds.


These birds need baths at least weekly. Since these birds seem to love baths, you can let them have it more often. You can mist your macaw or take him into the shower or even get a perch. These birds need nails trimmed and you can get your birds wings trimmed, which is optioal.

health concernsEdit

This bird needs to be seen at least yearly by a veterinarian, and whenever he is sick.

owner tipsEdit

These birds ate very challenging. Proper train8ng is needed these birds need alot of attention.


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